Worst might be ahead

December 15, 2008


Loliclock! Finally found it today~ It’s a clock operated by 3 randomly cycling lolis (from a pool of 5). The one on the left tells the hour and minute, the one on the right tells the second by the sound she makes and the one in the centre… dances around. Haha…

Anyway, I’m very much better now. Almost feels like I’m completely cured from the fever but no. Somehow my fever jumps back up every time I lie down.

It happened this afternoon and it happened a moment ago when I was reading some manga on my bed. Something tells me I might not even have gone past the volcano >__>

Oh, and my soar throat seems to be getting gradually better. Since the throat has a physical injury instead of some viral origins, it can’t just come and go. Yay to that I guess.


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