December 16, 2008
New stuffs

New stuffs

Ok, those three are next in my order list. In an ideal situation, when I call it an ‘order list’, they shouldn’t exist in the market yet. Then I could plan the necessary budget and also look around to see if anything else of my interest might be released anytime soon so I don’t miss those as well. Here, all three are already out and about.

Of course, it’s a problem with one of the previous books being a little late and me forgetting to order two of these here when I could have gotten it with everything else in the previous order and now when they coincides with another book release; the third one.

They are Mirai Nikki Mosaic, Mirai Nikki vol 7 and Touhou Bougetsushou vol 2 (or center part). Together, they cost ¥1880; That’s RM75, and I’m sure Kinokuniya will mark it to around RM100 or something around that.

Oh, also, I got a mail from Kinokuniya yesterday that Lotte no Omocha! vol 2 is already here but since my health is not at its best, I can’t really be going to get it (not to mention that I’m not very fond of the idea of going such distances to get just one single book). Currently, I’m looking around for anyone I know who might be going to KLCC anytime soon so I can have them get it in my stead. If no one comes up then maybe I might be going tomorrow. We’ll see.


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