The Day The World Stood Baffled

December 18, 2008

Went to the cinemas with my friends today and watched… yeah, that.

The Sphere reminds me of Ozma from FF9

The sphere reminds me of Ozma from FF9

We had earlier planned to watch this before but since one of my friends saw the reviews giving this a 33 out of 100 saying it “overuses special effects”, we tried to go for something else. For a moment, we were planning to watch The Spirit but we found out it wasn’t on schedule (even though it was listed on the previous day in their website) when we got to the theaters. So, we were in line and what we wanted to watch wasn’t there so~ pressed for a decision, we just went for this anyway.

It’s a pretty entertaining show for the part where humans desperately tries to destroy the sphere and Gort. The story however, while it may have been original back during 1951 but… well, it doesn’t have that edge to it by now… maybe it’s just me… maybe it’s all those anime lol. Still, as always, the destruction of humanity is something I’d like to see.


Still, the ending seem pretty rushed in a sense. Klaatu, the alien who came to eradicate all humanity to save planet Earth, agreed to spare the humans just because ONE human agreed to behave… JUST ONE FREAKING HUMAN. Then the credits came exactly after he leaves, nothing else after that… WTF? What are the humans going to do after that? The rest of humanity didn’t even know WHY they were attacked, now that Klaatu have left as if they would ever know. Not like the whole collective humanity would listen to ONE random person in these modern days so that ONE behaving human definitely won’t be able to convince its brethrens to follow suit. They will just go on with their arrogant lives and continue destroying planet Earth till Klaatu there regret changing his mind. The End. lol


Oh, and that kid’s annoying.


One comment

  1. I agree completely! For a supposedly more advanced alien intelligence, Klaatu’s actions seemed very poorly thought out.

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