Dissidia and Fate/Unlimited Codes

December 19, 2008
yum yum

yum yum~

Both Dissidia Final Fantasy and Fate/Unlimited Codes were released yesterday. Didn’t get to test them yesterday because my internet connection was too busy being retarded *cough*.

Anyway, I now got my hands on Dissidia and had a little fun with it. Here’s what I thought of it. The AIs are insanely hard, or at least they are in the quick battle mode (since that was what gave me my first impression).

It’s a fighting game: each side has a HP counter and Brave counter, and all characters have two categories of attacks separated to HP attacks and Brave attacks. Brave attacks are usually swift and they generally steals Brave from the opponent’s Brave counter while the very much slower HP attacks are the real attacks that directly converts your Brave counter to the damage on the enemy’s HP counter. Basically, Brave attack fills up your Brave counter and when you perform a HP attack on the enemy, your Brave counter = damage dealt on enemy. Then there are the usual STR, DEF and stuff responsible for everything else.

So here’s the thing, the AIs always somehow are able to pull out loads and loads of Brave points out of their ass and then do a one hit kill on you right out of no where. Oh, and performing a Limit Breaks for an AI are no more difficult than breathing. WTF!? Well, actually, this is because to perform a Limit Break, one has to fill up their EX bar and you can do that by picking up EX Cores that appear randomly around the area every now and then. Here’s the thing, you DON’T KNOW when it appears but the AI does, they are the freaking AI of course they do. So they just pick one up right under your nose, pull off one of their Brave-points-out-of-no-where techniques and Limit Break your ass to oblivion 5 seconds into a match, bad end.

So first I used the Warrior of Light from FF1 and fought Cecil from FF4 in quick battle mode, and get pwned 9 times out of 10. Then I tried using Squall against Cloud, got pwned 10 times out of 10. Then I tried the story mode a little (which was VERY much easier), done with the prologue and tried Cloud against Sephiroth and got pwned 9 out of 10 times, then Cloud against Tidus with the same results… what did I say about the AI?

Maybe it’s just that I am not used it yet I guess…

Fate/Unlimited Codes is still on the way. I will update this post when I get my hands on it… if I remember to. Have this instead till I do:

Oh btw, I also went to get my Lotte no Omocha vol 2 from Kinokuniya today~ /o/ Damn, spent a whole trip there just to get one manga… orz

Fun stuff

lolis! yum yum~

EDIT: Ok, well, though I said I’d update about Fate/Unlimited Codes, I really don’t know what to say since, unlike Dissidia which was a ‘fighting game’ with a twist, F/UC is really just another fighting game. The easiest way to describe F/UC is to say that it’s a very polished Fatal/Fake.

The commands are pretty simple, there are only so many commands available in a single line fighting game that once you are already accustomed to playing games like Street Fighters, King of Fighters and Guilty Gear, you will only need to know which particular command applies to which character in what order before you practically master the game… and that process can happen in less than a day. The actual challenges comes with the stats and attack balancing of characters.

So anyway, I spent the first few hours testing several of the characters over at the training mode to explore the possible combos, numbing my left thumb along the way (meh, shit happens when you haven’t been playing much fighting games for the last 3 months. Last was Hisouten and that didn’t even needed much executions). The numbness ultimately led to my defeat to Caster as Shiro. Bleh.

Oh and that song in the video, code by Tainaka Sachi, was played in the main menu lol. I thought it was an ending theme or something… or actually I haven’t finished the game yet as of now so I don’t know if it’s also the ending theme or not lmao. Good stuff.


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