Quintuple split

December 22, 2008

I am never one to be able to successfully do many attention intensive activities at any given same time. And that goes for everything else that I personally deem necessary for me to pour a great deal of attention into to perform/deal with. Animes and games are some of them; I take into account every tiny detail of the plots and events an anime and also all the secrets and plot hints present in any games.

However, right now I have my gaming attentions all over the place, branching to all the different console medium the games are played on. There’s Dissidia on the PSP, Koitate on the PS2, GTA4 on the PS3, Rhapsody on the PS, and Zwei 2 on the PC (yes, I am still reluctant on stepping into the last dungeon). And that list only include the main ones on each system.

Constantly switching between one another, I keep forgeting where the plot left out in another when I play them again. lol

hmm… ok, writer’s block. oh btw, here’s the opening FMV to Dissidia Final Fantasy. And here is a mirror in case the first link doesn’t work.

I’m off to bed…


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