An assignment

December 23, 2008

I actually have one for this break. I can’t really recall the details for sure right now since the last time I read the question paper was during the beginning of the semester a month or two ago. Of course, I still have the paper with me but I have yet to get it out to have another clearer look. However, I do remember the general idea of what I should be doing and what I CAN do without remembering the details.

It’s an assignment for marketing class where we have to look for a product in the market that are not price-controlled by the government, a sensitive product, and its price should be either slightly or drastically fluctuating frequently in the market, then we are to go around to study the product quality, promotional method, geographical marketing strategy and also price difference in different places sold and also speculations on why.

The product that I have decided to look into is Chinese food~ well, either wonton noodle or yi mein to be exact. I have yet to choose one from them.

So, to have a hands on look at the prices of the things, I have been following my parents out to their breakfast every morning these past few days. A reason why I am lingering between two choices is because I don’t feel like eating the same heavy dish every morning.

…now that I think about it, neither of them would work for my assignment as it has to be a constant product from the same source of the same brand. Food from several restaurants aren’t products of the same brand… well, the noodle might be from the some distributor but as if I’ll be interviewing the shop owners about it.



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