December 24, 2008

When my grandmother started frequenting the hospital and required constant attention, it proved stressing to my aunts back in Ipoh who also had their own jobs to attend to every day so they decided to call back one of my other aunt who had been in the US for as long as I could remember until then. That was about 4 to 5 years ago.

Now, 4 to 5 years later, after both my grandparents has passed away, this aunt of mine finally has a chance to breathe. So, after years of taking up the responsibility for everyone else, now she’s taking her revenge by going everywhere, which comes to today’s chapter; she came down to our area yesterday.

She will be staying with my other aunts living nearby since they have more extra rooms there than we have here. She will be staying till Saturday when I will follow her back to Ipoh to have my partially impaired left ear checked, until then, she will be going wild around the place here I assume.

Today as part of that aunt’s epic journey all over the place, me, my sister, my mother and that aunt went to 1Utama together. We planned to also drop by The Curve and also Ikea before heading home initially but 1Utama alone took up most of the time we had, not to mention all stamina I had lol.

Here’s another thing; last night, while playing Dissidia on my bed, I noticed my nose beginning to feel weird. By then, I knew something bad is going to happen. Today, my throat feels kind of dry and rough, and I have a running nose.

So we were there at the place, going around places, looking at stuff, had lunch at Sakae Sushi, etc. The air condition felt kind of numbing; another sign that something is wrong with my health.

Got really tired by the time I got back so I slept for most of the rest of the day. No improvement after I woke up.

Now, I just recovered from my fever and soar throat just a week ago, don’t tell me I’m getting a cold NOW. Maybe I’m cursed not to go out of my house till 2009.

Tomorrow, my aunt will be heading to MidValley and I believe the rest will also follow her. I most probably won’t.

Oh, today is my father birthday too. Had a celebration and all those stuff too at the end of the day.


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