The Spirit

December 30, 2008

They really emphasize the red tie through out the movie...

Made an appointment with my friends to meet up at 4PM at Sunway Pyramid for a show at 4:45PM today. Yesterday, I thought I might have plenty of time for myself to do whatever I like before that but I woke up at 1PM today, leaving me with only 3 hours. Well, didn’t do much with the 3 hours anyway.

Ok, so, we watched The Spirit today, finally. Like the last two Frank Miller movies, this one’s pretty artsy and heavily computer edited as expected. Not that I’m complaining though, I like artsy stuff.

Rephrasing what my friend said, it was cheesy in many parts, and they were obviously intentional, which makes it quite funny. Yes, this show was quite a comedy. It was also comical with some slap-stick jokes peppered here and there, and with the Spirit breaking the  fourth wall every now and then by doing some narrations or giving some explanations to the audiences.

The story was pretty ok but nothing spectacular. It was simply laid out together but the pieces do need some thinking to pick up. Many of the important plot points were told in an ambiguous way. The show was deep. If you went in thinking it’s a mindless action flick or a children flick then chances are you weren’t prepared for this kind of detail and you most probably won’t enjoy it, that’s exactly what me and my friends witnessed today; The movie was clearly rated for above 18 but we still see parents bringing their kids in. Then half way into the show, quite a number of people started leaving their seats. Guess they didn’t understand the movie lol

All in all, it was a good laugh, it had its own charm but frankly, it falls short to 300. Watch it anyway, it’s funny. DENTAL NAZI!!!


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