Minor tidy up

January 3, 2009

For a while (since late 2007), the marble shelf I was using to place my mangas on the wall has been practically fully used up and due to that I have been piling up my newer mangas over older ones. This makes access to the older mangas under it requiring more work than it should be necessary, not to mention it also doesn’t look very nice. Surprisingly however, I haven’t thought about doing something about it, until yesterday that is.

Since the marble shelves are quite vertically far apart from each other, I figured maybe I could make my own extra partition between each of them, and then I will have double the space. Only problem is finding the materials. I didn’t want to be spending money on this either. So came today, and I noticed the whole pile of extra mounting boards I had left from all my previous assignments right there at the corner of my room (and several areas outside my room).

oh camouflage

It camouflages with the wall omg

One mounting board alone is not strong enough to hold up a single shelf full of manga but I remember gluing two together once and the resulting thing could shield cannon shells. So then I got all my equipments out and started measuring the space between the marble shelves and sliced the board to the desired size after that.

After a little while, it was done.

The huge gap is for future mangas

All nice and tidy~

I forgot to take a picture of it before I rearrange everything. Well, if you have been to my room before you should know how it looked like anyway.



  1. haha DIY !!

  2. yes~ DIY rox!

  3. Dude…. you got a crack on your wall!

  4. lol, yeah, it was caused by the vibration shockwaves from the construction of the shopping mall behind my house several years ago. Never really fixed it as you can see :P

  5. I have never been to your room so I don’t know what it looked like before, but wow! I knew you bought a lot of mangas but I guess it never occurred to me how many you’ve actually accumulated. xP

    • lol, that’s not much compared to what I have seen xP

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