January 5, 2009

oh shi-

What the… I just got Helios Eclipse Quintet the other day and now there is Helios Eclipse Hexad already!? Damn…

Apparently, Quintet was out since August and Hexad came up about two weeks ago on the 20th of December… just 11 days after my previous manga buying trip. I guess I lagged several months for Quintet. meh…

Things got pretty interesting by the end of Quintet as well. (yandere nekomimi maid lmao) Now, should I just go to Kinokuniya (as it seems that’s the only place with an updated manga library these days) just for this or should I put it back till I go there for all the other mangas I’m planning to order?

oh, another thing; seems like Gempakstarz decided to start doing English releases, including some re-releases of older publications that was previously only available in Malay.


I have the Malay version for this one. Good stuff.

Now while I’m not saying I particularly dislike the Malay language nor do I have any trouble comprehending it, I do have a slight preference towards English if given a choice. I don’t know how to feel now that they have decided to release books that I used to believe was Malay only in English several years later, it’s kind of a mix between feeling surprised, feeling happy, feeling betrayed, and being confused, all at once, with several other feelings I couldn’t put a finger at in my current drowsy condition. Also, the English editions costs 2 bucks higher compared to their Malay counter-parts. Makes me wonder if a late market was really worth all the work translating and republishing to. I would think that the major target market, the fans, most probably would have gotten the ones they like when it first came out in Malay already so re-releasing now would only mean catering to the sub-target markets who have not gotten the Malay ones yet. Of course, there WILL be some hardcore fans who would be getting an English copy regardless even though they already own the Malay version but that’s besides the point. Alas, that is all just how I see it.

So far, there are only a handful that was released in English and I have yet to see Helios Eclipse in English yet. I guess I can give up on the thought about scanlating Helios Eclipse once and for all if they do release it in the future, though I do love to actually see an English Helios Eclipse in print.


One comment

  1. Luckily anything that comes over here will always be in English so I don’t have to worry about that. Still, I’d rather stick to online anime and manga rather than buying it in stores!

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