GTA day

January 7, 2009

Spent most of my free time after college today trying to complete GTA4.

I was able to reach a somewhat final missiony looking mission a moment ago but I left it for tomorrow after I screwed up in the middle of it once. If it’s the final mission then I have no reason to rush and finish it today, that and I’m quite sleepy and tired from college and heavy gaming. I’m off to bed…



  1. It’s funny how most games with 3 word titles always get acronyms like GTA, MGS, SMB… Shorter is more convenient and people love convenience!

    • Of course~ all technological advancements today were all initially invented with convenience being the goal~ people invented the steam engines because they were too lazy to walk, people invented the telephone because they were too lazy to go up to others to talk to them, etc

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