January 8, 2009

Went to the theaters (again) today lol, and we watched Outlander!


Vikings be GAR!

It’s another one of those random action flick set in a prehistoric setting, involves lots of swords and ancient melee weaponry, lots of computer generated stylization effects, and like every other one of them in the same category, has a certain particular twist with its setting.

Here, it is about Norse Vikings teaming up with an alien from outer space to fight against another alien species from outer space called Moorwen.

When I first read the short description of the movie last night, I was imagining something in the lines of the alien ally providing the Vikings with advanced energy weaponry to fight against their enemies but no… it’s that alien who took up a sword.

The action was decent, with generous servings of gore whenever people gets smashed by hard things. There is also one cool scene with one of the Viking having his guts eaten alive by the Moorwen. The story in general however wasn’t something to mail home about; it was just ok. There was also some parts that didn’t really make sense like when the alien was activating his location beacon in an attempt to call for an extraction home at the end of the movie; half way after a ship appeared in the sky he decided that he wanted to stay on the planet instead and proceeded to destroy the beacon, and then the ship immediately flew away from sight… I mean… WTF was that!? Don’t they have something called ‘logging’? I know we modern Earthlings have it and we can’t even travel freely through space yet. If you were the crew of a ship won’t the first thing you’d do after losing a distress call be trying to investigate the coordinates where the call was last detected from? Seriously now, that part was lol.

But then again, I liked the Moorwen’s design, makes me think of a Gnosis from Xenosaga wearing one of those armours from Crysis.

Oh btw, I also spent the entire earlier half of the day trying to finish that last GTA4 mission I left from yesterday. I’m done with GTA4~


One comment

  1. Outlander? I don’t think I’ve heard of it, but that plot summary made me laugh. xD

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