Night wires

January 10, 2009

Went with my father to help him finish one of his work at night. It involves connecting the networking structures between several building blocks using Cat5e cables. Because of that it would involve alot of running around if he did it without help, since the method to check the wires are by using this… device thingy that has to go on both ends of the wires, which in this case spans several buildings apart from each other so… he would have to travel a great distance back and forth if he did it alone. A lot more if he actually finds any problems. So he got himself a double to leave at the other end, me.

I also helped him assemble the wires and the wall ports. I have on several occasions helped my father with Cat 5 cables so I do know how to actually put the things together but I just can never remember the wire arrangements within the plugs; had to have my father remind me everytime lol. My participation pretty much halved his job so things were done quicker than it might have been. Left home at 9:30pm, got home at 2am. (yeah, I edited the date for this entry lol)

Aside from that, I was also planning to get Valkyria Chronicles today but that didn’t go too well. Now I’m stuck between getting Valkyria Chronicles soon, waiting for White Knight Chronicles, or screw both and just get all the mangas I have been restraining myself from ordering. Decisions decisions.



  1. The only reason I know about Cat5e is because of my work, but I’m still no expert on them. I just order them when needed. ^^

    • hoho~ I MAKE them~ 8D

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