January 11, 2009

As one of the usual Sunday family outings, we were supposed to be going to Time Square today but I bailed out on the last minute because my mood turned sour from a certain conversation.

I then met up with a friend of mine in Sunway Pyramid and then we went all over the place. The main objective was to get myself a copy of Valkyria Chronicles from Summit since that’s where my friend told me he saw it sold for the cheapest price. Indeed I got one for myself by the end of the day, though not as cheap as I initially thought it would be but fair enough… I guess. (got it for RM190… thought I could do with RM180)

oh finally!

oh finally!

Notice the PEGI thing btw, it’s a Region 2. The only other existing release besides the Japanese version was Region 1 and it is ridiculously expensive in comparison.

Went to try it out at my friend’s house on his epic HD monitor before I walked at least 2km home and tried it on my shitty SD. Damn did it look different; it was really nice on HD but it looked like a PS2 game on SD since the ‘canvas’ effects and all those sleek stuff weren’t very visible on the puny resolution. The only immediate distinction was the very smooth frame rate and the high polygon character models (which are also only visible when the camera is in a certain angle lol).

oh I’m so poor right now I weren’t even able to buy myself dinner while I was walking the 2km distance home… >__>

…btw, remember the assignment I mentioned some time back? I still haven’t started on it yet! xD



  1. I see the same game box in my room if I turn my head. :p The only difference is the rating system. Over here it’s rated “Teen,” not “16+”. I think “Teen” is for 13+ here. Interesting how the age limit is different…

    • Well, it doesn’t really apply here since Region 2 is Europe lol. I don’t think we even have a game rating system here at all.

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