Dissidia Despair

January 14, 2009


Discovered that my month long worth of sweat, blood and tears in my Dissidia save file was somehow screwed over by someone. I have a feeling I know who and I know how.

I was really angry for the first two hours from when I found out, not to say that I’m all happy and cheerful about right now though…

Seriously, what’s the chances of someone turning on your PSP, boot up some random game, randomly navigating through menus of an alien language and then overwriting a new game file over your existing save file? ok, quite likely actually but still… argh… somebody give me a knife, I want to hear some screaming… >___>

I don’t think I’ll be playing it any more for a long while; lost my mood for it now. This reminds me of what happened to me in Legend of Dragoons back on the PS1; I spent almost four months levelling up and learning all the attacks and skills or whatever those were call again, getting a 100% game and then my save data got screwed when I saved it right in front of the final stage. Till today I have not regained my will to play it again…

P.S. I will be leaving for Ipoh from tomorrow till Sunday to see a doctor regarding me left ear.



  1. haha gg .

  2. haha, but I’m playing it again already now. Talk about quick recovery lol

  3. One time my sister accidentally erased our Banjo-Kazooie file when we were at the final world. I spent the entire weekend redoing everything from scratch. ^^; Another time, I was at the final dungeon in Chrono Cross when the PlayStation I was borrowing stopped working. I never did finish that game…

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