Lunar birthday

January 25, 2009

Today was my birthday on the lunar calendar apparently. I get this every year but I can never remember it since I’ve never even seen a lunar calendar before. It just comes up in a conversation one day and suddenly my birthday was today.

And then there’s the lunar new year tomorrow… so I guess technically my zodiac isn’t the dragon but the one before that, what ever it was, I forgot.

So we got a cake and some wine and did some minor celebration.



Well, I’ll be getting another birthday three weeks later! My Gregorian birthday!  >D

Also, as mentioned before, I’ll be leaving for Ipoh tomorrow till Friday so… yeah. Happy CNY/Lunar New Year to those who celebrates it, Happy Monday to those who don’t.


One comment

  1. No fair! No fair! No fair! SOME OF US only get one birthday a year, hmph~!

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