January 28, 2009

ok, another entry that wasn’t made on the date it appeared on… well, I’m saying this because this entry is actually made after the one from tomorrow (29 January). You’ll know what I’m talking about when you read that one, assuming you haven’t already. The reason why I had this as another separate entry this time however is because I wanted to keep consistent with naming entries with reviews of movies I’ve watched on that said day with the title of that movie itself like I have always been doing but this time, the movie was watched on a day that I did not have an entry and I don’t feel like overlapping a review entry with my random entry from when I got back home, resulting in this travel-back-to-the-past entry~


Alright, so, you should know what movie I would be talking about by now… yes, Inkheart. It starts off by introducing to the audiences to the existence of a certain rare talent amongst people where they are able do story telling by reading from text so well that what they read actually gets drawn into reality. Just imagine a person reading a poetic paragraph about an epic storm and then suddenly the weather outside changes to represent exactly what he describes, something like that. However, these powers had a drawback where for what’s read out into reality from the written text, something within close proximity in reality will be drawn into the world of the literary source in exchange. Those people with these powers are collectively addressed as Silvertongues in this movie.

The story here is about this Silvertongue guy, while reading a bedtime story to his young daughter, accidentally read several villains and the protagonist (?) out of the story while his wife got sucked into the story in exchange. So now he is travelling all over in search of the same book to read his wife out of it again while the protagonist (?) is pestering the Silvertongue to read him back to his world.

My thought from the start was that the Silvertongue premise alone had a great potential for a shounen series lol. I can imagine several people with similar power fighting with each other by reading out phrases from story books depicting great destructions… and btw, there is this one certain scene that screams Deathnote lol (not telling which part as it would be a spoiler).

But anyway, this is a family flick (kind of), I didn’t notice any blood and the action was generally quite mild in nature. It’s the kind of movie that gives that warm feeling inside every now and then. There was some really cheesy and ridiculous moments too but overall it was a good movie.


One comment

  1. Inkheart… I heard of it but never saw it.

    How did you date your entry to a prior day? o.O

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