Big recap of sorts

February 3, 2009

or something like that.

Err, so, I haven’t been making any entries for the past several forevers, yes?

Well, I was just lazy at first but then I got busy with a certain assignment of mine which’s due date were no longer ‘still a very long time to go’; my market study report, remember, the one where I had to choose a product, which then I changed to another one? Yes? Well, I changed the product again recently. Anyway, I’m done with that by now~ that’s why you’re able to read this at all.

Aside from that, I also got sick recently! Actually, I’m still kind of sickly, but a lot better compared to before.

Started feeling the first symptoms of illness last Saturday, started feeling the fangs on Sunday, got a combo of western and eastern treatment and I was starting to get dramatically better each day after that, then came Tuesday, today~

Oh, I don’t think I ever mentioned it before (heck, even if I did I don’t remember it lol so, whatever) but my marketing principles and strategies class will be having a Food Bazaar tomorrow. It consists of 40 marks for our final results for the semester and it is calculated based on how we market what we are selling during the 3 hours it is held. It is a group activity and each group are supposed to only have 2 or 3 members.

SO, with that prologue aside, now for the main story; I spent most if not the whole of today preparing for tomorrow. My group consist of two members including me and what we will be selling is a certain local (?) drink/juice/tea/something. People tend to call it lime and salted prune juice but it’s just lime and salted prunes thrown into water so I don’t think it’s technically a juice as the liquid is not extracted. It shouldn’t be called tea either as no leaves are involved so… err… lime and salted prune water? lol. Since I’m having doubts of what I should call it without getting pwned for Engrish, I just went ahead and gave it a name mask (though the name was not really original), Sour Punch! Well, it’s part of marketing; I know people don’t like to be surprised with sour taste but would rather have seen it coming, and I am also aware of retards who do not know from a million light years away that anything with salted freaking prunes are sour as hell. So I decided to go with a name with SOUR sticking out like a sore thumb to quadruple remind people of what to expect as well as draw in the niche market of acerophilias.

I tried a little of the prototype of the juice/tea/drink/thing earlier this evening and indeed like its namesake; it was soooooooo sour that it felt like a punch in the stomach. We added some sugar after that and decided to go with more percentages of water next. It tasted a lot better of course, though still not perfect. I’ll be getting up early tomorrow and do more fine tuning with the taste before heading off to the bazaar before 8. Business, serious business… ok, that didn’t sound right.



  1. HAH!!! Having one going on as well here over across the ocean towards the east and look a little up, Land Below the Wind!!!
    Not some big one but with participants numbering more than 2k is a start.
    I would like a recipe of that “prune” juice (or whatever you call it).

  2. Noooo! You got better :(

  3. @Visssss: it ended up as a failure though, not many people bought it in the end u.u

    @BKG: lol, but of cooouuurse~ \ivan

  4. You know, I’ve never actually had prunes or prune juice before. o.o I’ll take your word for it that it was sour. xD

  5. Prunes aren’t sour~ salted prunes are~

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