Another recap of sorts

February 11, 2009

Meh, well, I got back from Ipoh since this Monday and I did not have the unlaziness to make a post. Same for yesterday. In fact, my laziness started from even before I left for Ipoh last week lol.

Then came today and suddenly some cosmic powers made me create a post, so since I’m at it, might as well cover everything I had in mind in a single go…

Me and several classmates of mine went to Klang last Thursday. Was supposed to work on this one certain group assignment for photography where we have to take pictures of a certain commercial product in 5 situations conforming to a similar theme. For what we decided to work on, Klang, the city from where one of my groupmate is from, somehow met all our criterias. So that’s where we went.

Spent the whole day there snapping away until the camera ran out of batterries before we even finished what we were supposed to do. We didn’t have a charger with us so we had to continue some day else. That day has yet to arrive.

The came the trip to Ipoh on Saturday.

The reason for my trip was basically this:

mmm, hazelnut mousse caaaake~~

mmm, hazelnut mousse caaaake~~

Since it’s technically still CNY, I got extra red packets as my birthday present! Btw, my real birthday is still yet ahead so this makes it my second time having another birthday party on a day other than my real birth date this year. ho ho ho~

Then I got home on Monday and I started playing Twelve:

Nothing else special from then on.


One comment

  1. I already said happy birthday, but… HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN! :D 21 already, huh? Time sure flies! ^^

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