Held up again lmao

February 12, 2009

It happened again! Another one of my manga order got held up by the customs  LOL

Well, this time around I saw it coming though… pretty obvious how it would turn out by the looks of the cover but meh, no harm trying xD

oh shit blood's rushing up my cranium

oh shit blood's rushing up my cranium

Actually, if I were to mention even more in detail about the story of this manga it wouldn’t then seem to be too naughty… ok, maybe it would seem weirder in another sense… forget that I wrote this paragraph…

Aside from the fact that this is the only mindless moe manga that I ordered this time, I don’t really have much inclination to forcefully pursue the acquisition of it (unlike Himamori Himari vol 3 which I already had a whole series of volumes prior) so I don’t know if I would try to get it through means other than Kinokuniya KLCC. Kinokuniya Singapore doesn’t seem to have it either so I can’t ask my friend there to help neither… I don’t know, I guess I’ll see how I feel about it in the future.

Anyway, here are the other orders that have arrived:

  1. Mirai Nikki vol7
  2. Mirai Nikki: Mosaic
  3. Touhou Bougetsushou vol2
  4. Roman vol2

I guess that means I may be going to KLCC again soon. Just a matter of when; I have other plans for tomorrow so definitely not tomorrow, maybe Saturday… I don’t know but for now, I’m feeling quite lazy to move around, maybe I’ll try to look for someone to get them for me again… (¯▽¯


One comment

  1. They are pretty strict when it comes to “indecent content,” huh? ^^; Still, that cover is LOL, you were definitely asking for trouble that time. XD

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