Signature evolution

February 13, 2009

Went to update my signature associated with my bank account today.

The original signature associated with my account was a younger version of my current signature from when I was still in elementary school many years back. With so many years in between, it had gradually change little by little and now it’s markedly different from how it used to look like. And differences in the signature are unforgiven when the banks match them during deposits or withdrawal. So yeah, that’s why.

Wasted most of the day doing rubbish and then spent two hours in the night to finish up Valkyria Chronicles. Yes, I’ve finally completed it after 60 hours spread out onto almost two months. That’s very much longer than the 3 days some people take to finish the game but it’s fine; I’ve been taking my time. It’s also funny how the actually final boss battle was so much more easier compared to the difficulty of the mission right before it.

Anyway, now I fear not the spoilers when THIS comes!!! Buahahaha~~!!!

There are still some extra stuff unlocked after completing the game so I guess I’ll spend some time with those for a while before proceeding onto my next game.


One comment

  1. Wow, they keep records of your signature at the bank over there?! I don’t think they do that here, or at least I’ve never heard of it. The only signatures I give them is when I’m signing my checks for deposit. ^^

    I’m working on finishing Valkyria too! I’m on chapter 17 at the moment. I don’t know how many hours I’ve spent on it so far but it’s a lot! I’ve been playing it every weekend for the past few weeks. :D

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