A late trip down to KL

February 22, 2009

That’s as descriptive as the title could get. On this Sunday, aside from all the usual things I would do on a Sunday, I also went down to KL a moment ago to snap some random photos for my photography assignment.

I don’t think I mentioned about this assignment here before; we have to take 30 pictures of artificial lighting using any but phone cameras with absolutely no natural lighting (sun) present. So it’s an assignment that has to be done at night.

I have been doing this assignment since looooong ago with over a hundred photos taken and it dues tomorrow but, well, many of the ones I did look downright terrible thanks to the stupid camera automatically setting itself to the most terribly low ISO with a terribly long shutter speed while I’m in a moving vehicle, and I can’t do anything about it because the camera can’t go manual, so I went down to KL with the camera and some extra batteries.

Snapped like mad until I ran out of batteries, then orz at all the even better looking sceneries that I ran into after that.

I then select the 30 that I plan to hand up (actually, I’m stuck with 36 and am indecisive with which 6 to scrap >_>). Here are 8 of the remaining 200 or so photos that I have decided to exclude from the 30 due to a reason or another.

The picture quality aren’t great…


One comment

  1. The city sure is colorful at night, huh? ^^ If those are the rejects, I wonder what were the ones you DID select for the project?

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