So it was my marketing exam today

February 25, 2009

and it was so freaking easy that I would kill myself with a spork if I ever fail in this one. Then again, I am aware that I have made at least 2 mistakes among all the questions within the examination so I allow at least that much margin for errors. But then again, with my experience with my college’s knack for epic misfortune, I can’t say for certain that I won’t somehow get screwed up in whatever ways possible; be it a server error or some printing error or whatever.

Anyway, it’s over! And I have done all I could on my part to not fail. Now I’ll leave all else to luck… >__>

Oh, and there were rumours last week that our JLPT2 results might be in by today but it ended up being false. However, the fact that it’s very soon still does not change and people in Japan have already started getting their results recently so it shouldn’t be long more for us here.



  1. I know I’m very late reading this, but how’d your exam go? =D

    • It was good. Scored both for marketing and JLPT2~ /o/

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