Life with a bandaged finger

February 27, 2009

is hard as hell. Even more so when it’s an odd finger like the ring finger; one which you can’t navigate well individually because you don’t usually only control your ring finger, thus making it near impossible to not get my wound wet when washing my hands and stuff.

It doesn’t hurt anymore so I suppose it won’t do much even if I did get it wet, but the wound does look scary; like it might reopen just about anytime.

Ah, also, I think I forgot to mention this back when it was relevant but I started playing Folklore (aka FoulsSoul) right after I was done with MGS4 several days back. It’s not a new game, yeah. I didn’t play any since then but I continued a little today. Anyway, here’s a video of it, just for the lulz.

Tugging the controller has been fun so far.


One comment

  1. So that’s Folklore… Weird that I’d never heard of it until you mentioned it the other day. :o Also, it’s funny how the trailer had English dialogue with Japanese subtitles. Usually I’d expect it to be the other way around!

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