Something I’ve been thinking…

March 1, 2009

Yes, another matter that had been at the top of a my mind for god-knows how long but was never mentioned here before because I forget about it when it comes to the time when I make an entry at the end of the day.

Anyway, it has been long since I started dreaming about a HD TV (since I got a PS3 to be exact, before that I couldn’t care less about what crap TV I had). It is also known by me that it is extremely impractical for me, aside from playing my PS3 that is but that’s all there is to it. So paying a price that could get me two motorcycles JUST to play a game console isn’t what I’d call a smart purchase. Why am I saying that I’ll only be playing my PS3 on it you ask? Well then, all the TV stations in this country are still sending transmission at 4:3 aspect ration! HDTVs are 16:9. This means the pictures would be stretched horizontally. If I’m paying 2 motorcycles for it, I’d expect the circles shown on it to appear round, not oval.

Ugh, that was a big round-a-bout way of saying this but basically, I’d like to play my PS3 in HD but I also don’t think a HD TV is a good solution for it for me.

Then this wasn’t too far off: HD monitors.

Nowadays, some computer monitors have HDMI inputs besides the typical analog and DVI input behind them so I was eyeing this as my solution to the problem, since I DO need a widescreen monitor for its extra real estate as the cramped spaces in my Flash 8 on my 4:3 had been killing my brains. Not to mention one of my friends was indeed using a computer monitor to play his PS3.

These were thoughts from back when I just started playing on PS3, I left them at that after that and decided to leave the idea to a later date when I’m more enthusiastic on the matter. Then came two weeks ago when I started playing MGS4 when I realized that I can’t even tell if my M4 custom was on single, burst or full auto mode because the icon was too microscopic and my SD TV could only display it as a random blur splatter in a tiny blur rectagle; then I thought I should get a HD display for this game to do it justice… of course, I managed to finish it already by now though I still haven’t got the monitor get, haha, but yeah, that’s how it started.

So, from then, I have been doing some research; research on what to research about when buying LCD monitors because this is my first transition from CRt to LCD (ok, not really a ‘transition’ as I’m planning to dual screen with my current monitor as well). Then research about which monitor is best with the price range I deem reasonable for a Feb/Mar 2009 monitor and then I came to this:

Damn this thing's sexy

Damn this thing is sexy

Samsung 2233SW, a 21.5″ with 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution, 18000:0 contrast ratio and 5ms response speed. Only down part is its lack of HDMI input but that can easily be solved using the HDMI to DVI adaptor thing. However, I am still not too sure if I could use the composite outputs on the PS3 for audio while using the HDMI for video. As for now, that is the only question left and once it is answered, I will be proceeding to get it (or not, if the answer isn’t favourable) immediately. Right now, I know a place that is having an offer for 2233SWs >_<


One comment

  1. Your monitor looks pretty similar to my TV! xD

    Also, for me it was the opposite: I didn’t start thinking of getting a PS3 until I got an HDTV. :p

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