So I found out…

March 2, 2009

that one can use both a  HDMI for video and composite for audio at the same time on the PS3 so I started thinking about actually getting the monitor.

After I had lunch at Wendy’s in Sunway Pyramid, I dropped by the IT center and had a look around for the monitor model I wanted and I found it; RM630. After some haggling, it went down to RM610, and after more haggling, RM600 if I buy it from the shop immediately. But I know they sell it for RM565 at LowYat so I was contemplating whether if the total cost for the travel, time and effort for going all the way to LowYat would value up to the RM45 difference.

Then my mother said I might as well just get it from Sunway Pyramid so if there are any problems then I could just go over and inquire easily instead of having to go all the way down to LowYat again; which sparked my intention to buy it immediately. Then I was too lazy and wanted someone to go with me to help haggle more but my mother was too busy with whatever she was doing so I waited for my father to return, which he did at 10PM; Pyramid closes down at 9:30PM.

So yeah, now I’m feeling even lazier… maybe tomorrow… may be not… meh

Oh, also, one of my other aunt is coming over from Ipoh tomorrow to stay over at my place. So I suppose much of my schedule from tomorrow onwards would be slightly if not extensively influenced by that.



  1. Is haggling over prices common there? :o Over here, the listed price is usually non-negotiable in most stores.

  2. Prices over here for very expensive things like cars, houses, TVs, refridgerators and computer peripherals are usually marked up to hell and back so you’d be surprised at how much lower they are capable of dropping the prices if you know how to squeeze it out of them.

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