Samsung 2233SW

March 4, 2009

While the title of this post may suggest a review post, this isn’t really one.

And yes, I got my hands on one right after coming back from my Japanese class earlier.

I got it off for Rm590 at a shop that usually sells it for Rm630, pretty ok deal I’d say. They do sell it for RM565 down at LowYat but the cost of travelling there would have more or less cover the difference.

Took me awhile to set it up for my computer as I haven’t touched my graphics card display control panel for quite a little over a year or two now. That and I was getting confused because the computer detects both my current monitor and the new monitor as having the same name; might be some driver mishap but I guess I’ll leave them be until something fatal shows up.

I just got it and my neck hurts already...

I just got it and my neck hurts already...

Also, I couldn’t think of a better way to place the new monitor so I placed it on the shelf thing where the scanner used to be above the CRT monitor to create a vertical spanning desktop. Only problem here is that the shelf is waaaay high up and now my new monitor is in the heavens. Not to mention I can’t see it in its glorious colours as I would be out of its viewing angle when I am seated. For now, I’m thinking about either plundering a monitor wall mount from some rich people or tying the monitor in to angle with some wires. Which ever I feel like doing first~

I’ve tried Audiosurf and Inochi Mijikashite Tatakae! Otome on the monitor; looks good… =ω=

Then I spent most of the rest of the time after that like the rest of today: doing some paying work. Yes, you read that right.

EDIT: and… the monitor does works with the PS3, yay~


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  1. Ooh, nice monitor! ^^ It’s a Samsung, just like my TV. =D

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