Away goes mother

March 7, 2009

And again my mother goes back to her home town for two days starting today leaving me, my sister and father with everything she usually does; namely home chore.

While it doesn’t really effect my life too much, in times like this sure does make one feel all the things that have been usually taken lightly.

But then again, I wasn’t home for most of the day anyway so I didn’t really did much of the chores. And neither did everyone else lol.

Went to Carrefour to look for some cheap HDMI cables today and indeed I did. 5m silver core HDMI for RM36. Quite a steal if you ask me as a 2m HDMI could easily cost more than RM60, but then again, it was the last stock and it didn’t look like it was new, so I didn’t take it.

Got a DVI to HDMI adaptor thing from my friend too earlier. I guess the day to HD PS3 gaming are not too far off any longer~


One comment

  1. Yeah, chores suck but they have to get done! xD

    I don’t remember how much my HDMI cable cost, probably in the $10-20 range.

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