HDMI hunting day

March 8, 2009

It’s the second and last day with my mother away and we also didn’t do much chore aside from washing the clothes and putting those joss stick thingies where they should go when we felt like it.

Also, I spent most of today looking for some HDMI!

Though I said that, I only really went to one place and I didn’t even get home with a HDMI.

Anyway, there was a new dilemma as of yesterday after I tried plugging the adaptor onto my monitor: There was very… VERY little space left for a HDMI in the little gap left behind my monitor >__> So a new criteria added to the list is a HDMI with a small head… very small head. Which most of them aren’t cheap.

By the end of the day, after many thinking and stuff, I have decided to just get a DVI to HDMI cable thing instead, although I have been very much against getting those as I find it very impractical on the long run. Oh well…


One comment

  1. So you decided to hook your PS3 to your computer monitor after all, huh? Well, good luck finding the cable you need! ^^

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