So it worked

March 9, 2009

It’s Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday today so it’s a public holiday~ Went down to KL with my father early in the morning and got back with a DVI to HDMI cable for RM50. It looks like it’s a golden wire cable, but it probably is just gold plated instead. Also, it works!

This is how my computer layout currently is.

lol speakers

lol speakers

It is not final though as it still looks quite awkward when seen from other corners of my room. And also since the new monitor is facing my bed, only one person can view it properly at any given time… from my bed… or my seat. I’ll rearrange things when I have enough new surfaces.

MY cousin reminded me about the Samsung warranty card thing and I found out that mine was missing from the box (most probably removed prior to purchase as I see a cut mark on the bag where the card was supposed to be. I never used a blade to open the box btw) >__> I called the shop from where I bought it from and they were being the prick that all shops are when problem arises and refused to take responsibility for the matter. I decided to take this matter to Samsung directly and tried calling them up through their customer service but I was greeted by an answering machine stating that they are closed for the holiday. I’ll be trying again tomorrow…



  1. bro, i have the same monitor and a ps3 with me. i would like to ask u, how did u get sounds from your ps3? since that 2233sw dont have any speakers attached with it. thanks.

  2. I switched the audio output to composite audio and hooked the AV cable onto my soundcard’s line-in jack so I’m getting the sounds through my computer’s speakers.

  3. I think you showed me that pic before. Nice looking monitor! ^^ I still say it looks very similar to my TV.

    My parents had some trouble with a store refusing to take responsibility too. I think they finally got it sorted out, but after all the trouble they went through, they refused to go back there again.

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