Better day

March 10, 2009

Called Samsung again and got the problem solved. Apparently they can give me a warranty even without me having a warranty card. Sounds fishy but it’s Samsung themselves saying it so it’s alright… I guess…? Anyway, this pretty much cleared up what could have been another depressing day for me.

Then I spent the rest of the days on random movies, some errands and games; among them Folklore and Mimana Iyar Chronicles.

Sephy is cute, and Crest is a jerk.

Sephy is cute, and Crest is a jerk.

I actually started playing Mimana two days ago but I didn’t bring it up in the entry that day. I also actually planned to write a full entry review of it for yesterday or today but decided against it a moment ago since I got lazy.


One comment

  1. Looks like a typical anime-esque RPG, possibly for PSP? :p I already read your entry about beating the game, that was pretty fast! ^^

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