Monitor problem

March 22, 2009

This is actually from yesterday but I was too sleepy to make a post then so here it is today;

So I found out that my Samsung 2233sw has overscans on its sides when my PS3 run games at 720p. Interestingly, 1080p is fine. I’m not sure if this is a problem with all 2233sw in the world or is it only mine, I can’t seem to find any mention of it online too so I can’t really do any speculations. I failed to notice this problem before because the monitor was set to stretch all images to fill up the screen by default so the cropped video images got stretched and it looked like nothing was wrong… until I tried Crystal Defenders earlier this week was when I started suspecting something was not right.

I’ve looked through the manuals for both the monitor and PS3 for some troubleshooters as well as inquired both Samsung and Sony’s website for some information but still nothing so far. It’s as if I was the first to experience this on a 2233sw (I seriously doubt it though, what with several trillions of humans on Earth and all, but the total lack of report for this problem is unsettling). I’ve also tried asking around several places for assistance but still nothing really helpful yet so far.

I have also tried jamming 1280 x 720 progressive signals through the DVI into the monitor from my computer to see if the monitor natively supports that resolution at all; it looked fine so I suppose it does.

Anyway, the cause is still unknown. I just hope I didn’t waste RM600… >__>



  1. perhaps you should try up scaling to 1080p by unticking 720p and 1080i i don’t know if it works or not. I’m planning to buy that very samsung 2233sw but seems there’s a problen with overscan hope this won’t hold me off to get that monitor :(

  2. No, that doesn’t actually help much D:

    Many (most) games cannot output at 1080p. They only get at either 480i, 480p or 720p so if you do that, the resolution will get kicked back to 480p, and things will look even worse. Believe me, I’ve tried >.>

    And I still haven’t really tried looking for a solid solution yet since then lol.

    oh well…

  3. I don’t know anything about your problem so I can’t be of any help, sorry. :x I hope you get it resolved!

  4. Bro, mind tell me where u bought the DVI-HDMI cable?

  5. I bought it at some random electrical shop at the neighbouring city. Didn’t see the name of the shop though.

  6. I have the same problem. But I’m using 2033SW. The only difference between those two monitors are that mine is 20″ and yours 22″. It’s so anoying that I actually sold my PS3 because this problem ruins my gaming experience.

  7. Did you try buying a converter box like HD Pro box, which up convert the resolution to something your monitor can handle?

    Btw, can you do me a favor? Can you please tell me how your samsung 2233SW works with a Wii?

    Wii can do max 480P

  8. @yurichan: well, I’ve arrived at the conclusion that all Samsung monitors that aren’t a HDTV will not display 720p from a PS3 properly so there really aren’t anything we can do about that… except trying another non-Samsung monitor or actually getting a HDTV lol.

    @Ash: I don’t own a Wii but I suppose you can get the Wii component cable thing (these) and hook that to your 2233sw through a DVI-to-component cable (these). You might need to adjust some system settings from within the Wii to get the video output to 16:9 aspect ratio from its default 4:3. But the picture quality probably won’t be great, it looked like crap when I tried 480 using the PS3 on the 2233sw the other time.

    As for the HD converter suggestion; of course that would be the easiest way out but it costs too much for me to justify buying it to only recover two tiny strip of pixels. Oh well, I’ll just wait until this monitor dies and I’ll just get a better monitor then equipped with this knowledge. Thanks for the suggestion anyway.

  9. thanks for the update, shiroki!

    Now, I am stuck with two options, actually 3:
    1)component cable–>HD BOX Pro (http://www.hdboxpro.com/eng/shop.htm)–>Monitor

    2)component cable–>LCD TV that supports 480p through component Inputs

    3) Wii–>VDigi Wii VGA Cable–>Monitor (well NO 480i support)

    Will you keep you updated!

  10. Hey a quick question:
    How did you actually get the Playstation 3 to display on the 2233sw? I tried to do it, using an HDMI to DVI cable and while it would detect the Playstation there, going to digital, but it would not diplay anything other than a sloightly less black square in the middle of the screen.

    Thanks for the help
    – Nick McArthur

  11. I’ve just bought Samsung 2333HD and hopefully will not have any problems like that because I will be using HDMI on it and because that monitor has function to remove overscan on HDMI 720/1080i/1080p.

  12. @Nick: did you try doing the display reset thing with the PS3? The one where you have to hold down the power button and wait for the three beeps. Once you do that, just turn your PS3 back on with the HDMI-DVI cable plugged in and it’ll prompt you to do some display settings. That should usually fix it (if the problem you’re having is the problem I think it is).

    @yurichan: good luck :)

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