Game clear

March 23, 2009

I finally completed Folklore today after about half to a full month long of gameplay, although there were several long hiatus in between. My final say to the game is… while the Six Axis thing may be quite fun and fresh early in the game, it gets really overused later on, not to mention very tiring for the wrist. The plot development was interesting, but the entire revealed story itself was just ok. The dubbing was pretty bad to say the least; decent at times, terrible every other times. Not much replay value unless one get the DLCs, which aren’t available in the region here afaik. I’d say it’s the system using the Six Axis that makes of breaks this game; if one really liked ‘pulling’ souls out of enemies or moving one’s arms based on the various methods and rythms required, then one would probably enjoy the idea of replaying this several times or more, but if otherwise like me and find it tiring after a while into the game, then one’ll probably have the same opinion as mine.

btw, I’ve also beaten Mimana Iyar Chronicle three days ago. Was planning to make a post about it that day but I got real tired that night so it didn’t get through. It had a cliffhanger ending, and damn was the game short >__> And it was good enough for me to pray that they are working on the sequal now. Mimana was just 1/6 of the entire adventure, not to mention many of the details were also still left unanswered. I just hope Mimana doesn’t end up like Radiata Stories or Dewprism (aka Threads of Fate).



  1. Mimana Iyar Chronicle? Never heard of it. o.o Is it for PSP? PS2? PS3? If that game was 1/6 of the entire adventure, I assume it’s an installment series like .hack or Xenosaga?

    • I don’t know if it really is. The developers never indicated that they plan to make more but the ending was obviously hanging in mid-air. They even introduced a new character in the ending! D:

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