April 5, 2009

ok, so I have finally fully ditch my figurine hobbies at the advent of harder financial times in favour of more ‘wants’ on my part (ugh… T_T)

So here are the things that I can currently think of that I am planning to get my hands on (hopefully) before 2010:

  1. Cross Edge – probably around RM200, might or might not get; still debating with myself
  2. Eiyuu Densetsu: Sora no Kiseki full set – RM350. MUST GET! @__@
  3. Lots and lots of mangas – at least RM300 through out the year, yeah… >__>
  4. New CPU with specs as suggested by **G – iirc, it should cost up around RM1200 or so. Most definitely would have dropped by the time I entertain it.
  5. Nintendo Wii – around RM900, for various reasons. I’ll pray that the model I wanted doesn’t go extinct by the time I have enough money T___T (it’s already at the verge of it right now >____>)
  6. Nintendo DSi – probably around RM750 including… *ahem* (around RM610 without). This one is inevitable, just a matter of when.

All of these would have been so SO SOOOOO much more cheaper if only the currency here weren’t so crappy =___= That plus the current stupid economic crisis or whatever aren’t helping with my hunt for income as well. Dammit.



  1. You’re getting a Wii and DSi now? xD How come? You seem to be spending an awful lot lately, at least compared to your old days of always having no money. :p

  2. whats with ahem on the dsi side hehe is it about flash cart?

  3. @stukasa: I’ve been mentioning it since before I got a PS3! Don’t tell me you thought I was joking xD

    @Longhart: lol, you guessed right!

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