Triggerheart Exelica Enhanced

April 7, 2009
No, I did not get this limited edition set.

No, I did not get this limited edition set.

So here it is, finally a Triggerheart Exelica that I could play~ I remember trying to set up Chankast so I could play the Dreamcast port several years back, which failed terribly btw so ultimately I never got to play it after all lol. Then I orz-ed when it got a port for the Xbox360. From the looks of the game itself however I have always been expecting it to be released on the PS2 sooner or later anyway so I never really did lose hope, just a hunch I guess. Anyway, it’s almost two weeks since launch and I finally got my hand on it today \o/

Played through arcade mode once using Exelica, played through story mode using Faintear (MIZUKI NANAAA!!! 8D), and then my TV went haywire when I was halfway through story mode using Crueltear… danmaku + faulty tv = instant game over… expletive!

I have nothing to compare it with but from all that I have heard, Faintear is a new playable character that was never in all the previous Triggerheart Exelica, and story mode now has event CGs. Well, most people also add that it has a new fully animated opening but that doesn’t have any impact on the gameplay itself, but the opening is still awesome never the less:

I would have taken some screenshots if only I had a TV capture card. Speaking of TV capture cards, I missed out several other things from that list of stuff I plan to get before 2010 in that entry the other day and one of them is a TV capture card lol. I remember seeing one as cheap as RM80 once but I have yet to research on the quality so I’ll look into that soon. I’ve been playing the PC, PS3 and PSP on the LCD monitor nowadays anyway, might as well invite the PS2 along.

And in two days time, Arcana Heart 2 will be out!

My thumbs are going to hurt sooo bad...

My thumbs are going to hurt sooo bad...

Complete revival of my PS2 draws nigh…


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