Triggerheart, Sunday vs Magazine, Freecell and Hayate

April 10, 2009

I’ll skip the usual first paragraph of excuses on why I have not been making any posts for the last few days. Not like there was any different reason anyway, nor is there really a need to note it (lol irony~ irony~).

Two days ago, I spent the whole day either sleeping or playing Triggerheart, which I have completed several times and gotten what I think are all the bad endings for each of the characters (lol). The remaining few CGs that I have yet to unlock at the end of the gallery for each of the characters suggest that there may be other endings or something that should have happened after the ending; I haven’t gotten those yet. Unless there are any extra secret stages or anything else that I did not know of then those few CGs are the only things I have left yet to unlock. Also, I don’t know if it was either I slept too much or too little, I had a slight headache all day long too that day.

Also, I’ve been playing Sunday VS Magazine for a while on the PSP now but I’ve never mentioned it here. Anyway, I managed to get 100% complete (I think ) for it that day with all battle characters, support characters and abilities unlocked. Pretty fun game, though the quest mode was broken as hell; you are supposed to select a battle character and then play through a series of side scrolling beat-em-up but your character will somehow turn and face either left or right automatically based on which enemy your character targets first and I have no bloody idea by what criteria the computer decides which enemy to target for you as there are no indication on who you are targeting nor can you switch targets yourself. So fat chance are your will run up to an enemy and expect to land a punch on it but suddenly turned around to face another enemy who are some million miles away behind you and your punch lands on thin air, then you end up getting pounced from behind and you can’t turn back no matter what, unless you kill off that enemy the computer forced you to lock on to. But to go around this I just use Negi and spam his full body tornado thing and kill everything within proximity disregardless where I’m facing, eat that stupid bug.

Yesterday was worse as I spent most of the day playing Freecell. The rest of the day was spent on some Triggerheart and on Hayate no Gotoku Nightmare Paradise.

It’s about Hayate, Nagi, Maria, Hinagiku, Sakura, Isumi and Ayumu exploring a forgotten library located under the Sanzenin mansion when they stumble upon a sentient(?) book. Whoever who opens the book will fall asleep and be trapped in a never-ending dream, which Nagi did. Somehow, the effect was contagious and eventually everyone except Hayate fell asleep and the book (whose name is Mikage btw) tells Hayate that the only way to wake them up is to get into their dream and end their dream for them. So then Hayate have to travel into their dreams one after another to wake them up from within their dreams; a kind of Megaman approach of selecting which stage you want to have a go first.

It’s quite an interesting game; plays like those detective games where you have to go around places and spot things on the screen using the a cursor, then use whatever items or clues you have picked up this way either in battle or plot fork when the time comes. The outcome for these battles/decision making  also drastically alters the direction of the plot depending on what item/clue you choose to use/bring up. There is also the timing factor involved where you have to make a correct choice at the correct time during the decision making phase else it will not work, and if you take too long to make up your mind (or you kept wasting time making the wrong choices) you will run out of time and end up on the ‘didn’t make a choice’ route. It also feels very much like watching the anime with the Norio narrations and 4th wallbreakers and random parodies of practically everything (even the flying spaghetti monster). Fun stuff~

Here are some screenshots…

The screen capture on the PSP suck so I took them using the PC instead. I’m playing through the monitor anyway so there was no problem there. Also notice the different dialogue pane themes; those panes and the whole menu changes based on whose dream you are currently in and they generally reflect the whole setting on the dream. The top left one (the one with Busou Shinki Nagi) is from Nagi’s RPG dream, the center top one is from Maria’s suspense/detective dream, top right one is from Hinagiku’s tennis tournament dream, and the bottom right one is from Ayumu’s adventure dream. The other two is the default theme when Hayate is in the real world. Nothing too special but I just recalled it as I glanced through the thumbnails so might as well also put it down.

A good protion of today was also spend on playing Hayate but I also had some outdoor time going to Pyramid. The rest of the day was essentially completely Hayate-ed. I also got my hands on Arcana Heart 2, I will try it out tomorrow.


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