April 20, 2009


Just checked today and I found out that the next Helios Eclipse is already out. O_o Must… get… D:

Maybe I’ll get it along with my next orders in a month or two if I don’t find it anywhere else first. Also…

zomg (゜Д゜ 

zomg (゜Д゜;

holy crap! Now what did I say about Helios Eclipse in English being a matter of time? It’s RM10:50 for one… the one I had was RM7.50 for one. That’s almost 50% increment! >_> But if you were to compare with all the other US import it’s still cheaper by almost if not over 66% so it’s still ok on a global point of view. Locally however… WTF.

P.S. don’t mind me if you don’t get what I said. I’m just a little high on boredom. Alternatively, here’s a super sad Kagamine Rin song to let you have some emotional feast.

Here’s your achievement badge for being a heartless monster if you didn’t find that sad even if you don’t understand a thing sung.



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