Atelier Rorona

April 24, 2009

I haven’t checked the Salburg mail magazines in my inbox for a loooooong time and when I did today I was greeted with this… the 11th Atelier! And it’s on the PS3!!

It’ll be out on the 25th of June. Looks awesome from the screenshots and PVs~ I went around and read some interesting things about its graphic engine like the backdrop being 3D but blends in like an actual painting or something like that but I have yet to see it myself since there was never an actual gameplay trailer, the only PVs so far were only slideshows.

There is the lighting bloom effect, much like Zwei 2

Looks like it has some lighting bloom effect, much like Zwei 2

However there is one problem in my mind: should I be buying this Japanese one now and enjoy this all by myself or should I wait till the NIS release like maybe in a year or two time and let my sister (or whoever else) have a chance with it as well; she did like Atelier Iris after all. However, it is also a fact that she has never touched the PS3 before since I bought it so I also have a feeling she wouldn’t care. One of the reasons why I bought Little Big Planet first before was so she won’t feel too alienated from the new machine but in the end she didn’t really bothered anyway so maybe I shouldn’t neither. I dunno, I guess I have 2 months time to dwell on this. Also, I can get 20% off for it if I pre-order it now through Amazon, that’s RM50 off, 50 freaking bucks… that’s a lot. I can have 10 good meals with 50 bucks.

The battle looks simple enough

The battle looks simple enough. No idea if they have crazy things like Rush Mode from the newer Atelier Iris' though.

Another factor why I’m a little reluctant to get the NIS release is because I don’t have an American PSN account, not yet at least, even if I did have an account I’ll have trouble paying through it for reasons that’ll take forever to explain so I’ll skip that. This I learned the hard way with my European Valkyria Chronicles and its recently released DLCs which I have totally no access to. Bloody hell. Not to mention Euro are 5 times (or was it 7 times? hmm) higher than RM so even if I do have access to it I’ll be paying through my nose (a simple minor add-on will cost around RM50. Now what did I just say about RM50?). On the other hand, I do have a Japan PSN account and I do have several ideas on how to pay through that, thoughthings will still cost a bomb, at least it’s not as ridiculous as 5 freaking times higher =__=

Special effects yada yada

Special effects yada yada

Another thing is the option between the normal edition and the premium edition. The normal edition costs around RM210 and the premium edition costs around RM305 (both prices are after the 20% offer thing). At first I was thinking since I’m going to be pre-ordering, I might as well go for the premium edition as well since, for me, there is this limit on how expensive I can feel about something and they all look the same to me once they cross over the line; RM210 is extremely expensive, RM305 is just as expensive. There’s also the common knowledge that the premium box will look more awesome and it will also come with a lot more goodies compared to even the pre-order box, so it may even come down to being more worthwhile. However, from what I found out at least, the premium box for this only comes with one extra crystal paper weight in addition to all the other things the pre-order box came with…

Crystal paper weight~

… RM90 paper weight… While the paper weight itself do look pretty, being crystal and all, but RM90? For a paper weight? Maybe I’m not trained to appreciate precious rocks but I personally fail to justify RM90 for a paper weight, crystal or not. I might have been happier if it came with a Cuderia figure by Alter or Kotobukiya or something. At least then I can relate to its extra cost. I’m not sure if there are anything else that comes with it though but many online sources suggest that the paper weight was all there is. For now I’m very much leaning towards the normal pre-order box since that itself already came with quite a few things and I don’t really need a crystal paper weight. I might change my mind if the box for the premium set looks super awesome, which I haven’t seen yet. This, too, I have another 2 months to dwell on. lol

With all that said, I now have to find a way to raise some money… =__=

Here are some Rorona stuff I got from Salburg’s supporter resources (there were a whole bunch of in-game screenshots but I’m only uploading the character portraits)



  1. me i would buy the english but a long time to wait :'(

  2. Long time no see.

    Guys, need your help or perjaps advice. Question for maany who play table games.
    What game would you recommend for a kidd with a view to its development?

    Thank you.

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