Mmmm~~ cake~

April 25, 2009

Today was a quite short day, not that I woke up late but because I spent the whole morning and afternoon reading some website that I haven’t visited in a while. And then the rest of the day was nothing but Pangya~

As usual, here’s the youtube stuff.

It’s another Touhou anime kind of thing that was released during the Reitaisai earlier this year. Anime as it may be, most of its body is just a random single perspective slice-of-life (iyashii-kei some might call it, for everyone else think Aria) depiction of the Hakurei Shrine in a chibi-fied fashion so there really aren’t any plot in it nor would it appeal to everyone on earth. The OP is really nice though, and the ED is really catchy too.

… ok time for more Kooh


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