May 3, 2009


Long trip is loooong… and I am just reminded the hard way about not playing the PSP for too long in a constantly shaking vehicle on a longhauled journey. Since Labour Day last week, I was back at Ipoh with my family. We (or at least I) did not have any reason to go there though, just went because everyone else is going… and I spent the few days away doing nothing too special, which by the way consist of visiting and meeting most of my family members in Ipoh, attending to several dinners, playing with the new dog my cousin got, playing with another new dog at my other cousin’s place, playing with his PS3 while having the previous dog flying around in the background, playing lots of Pangya, going to a hypermarket that I very much did not want to go but somehow I went anyway in the end for some unknown reason, going to some random window shopping at a flea market early in the morning in the middle of the rain, and almost getting sick. It wasn’t a particularly eventful weekend… :| Anyway, I’m home now. Time to go back to my routines~ >_>

Also, I now know Pangya Mathemathics~ Calculators aid me towards my ‘hole in one’s~


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