Zettai Zetsumei Toshi 3

May 6, 2009

Yes, the game I started yesterday? Well, I finished it today… wow. Damn it was short.

I didn’t elaborate much about it yesterday so I thought maybe I’ll do that today since I did spend the entire day playing the game anyway, I would still be talking about the game either way if I was making a normal blog post. I don’t have any pictures for it now so there won’t be any. I might update the post later with pictures… if you see pictures, then ignore this, if not, then I’m probably lazy again~

Alright, so for those who have not heard about the series before, Zettai Zetsumei Toshi is a series of games where you play as a victim who is trying to escape a post hyper scale natural disaster city that is falling apart on itself. I have not played the first or the second before so I don’t know the story behind the locale there but for 3, it is a city a man-made island. Then  huge earthquake turns the whole island inside out and ultimately sinking it to the bottom of the sea. There is a plausible explanation to that but it’s too long and spoilerful to explain so I’m skipping that.

The player are given two choices for a main character before they start the game between a guy and a girl. From the looks of it, there will be some difference in the plot progression depending on which character is chosen. Aside from that, they have some game play difference too where the guy is stronger and could climb up ledges faster, push and move heavier obstacles alone but doesn’t handle stress too well while the girl could handle more stress but she takes forever to climb up a ledge and she almost every time needs someone to move obstacles with her. Oh btw, the game has a life bar and a stress bar where both opposes each other. The higher your stress, the lower your life and vise versa. And your stress will build up through time and through external stimuli or emotion (Getting pressured by surrounding people, being stuck between a rock and a hard place, and meeting some fresh carcass are some ways to help shoot the stress bar into the sky). I chose the girl so what I experience through the game is from her point of view.

So the main character was on the way to the island in a bus through a subterranean tunnel when the first quake hit. Being a tunnel and all, it’ll of course cave in when a quake hits, blocking the return route behind so the player now has to look for other ways to escape. So begins the story of a guy/girl’s adventure through a crumbling city trying to find a way out. Among the things that the main character will face are falling boulders, random tremors, landscape altering earthquakes (remember the spell Quake in Final Fantasy 8? yeah, something like that), sinking underground car parks, falling cars from tilted buildings, and fire tornadoes, just to list a few.

Another interesting point of the game is your freedom to shape how your character’s personality is. When the time comes where you can choose how to respond to someone or to the situation, you don’t get just 2 or 3 options like most of those eroges, here you get like, 6 or 10 choices. Some of them are really amusing too, like the time when you are to dodge a bullet and you get to choose whether you want to dodge it normally, dodge it gracefully, dodge it with style or just jump towards the shooter; the choice effects what personality the other characters will see you as and their interaction will you will be affected too depending on that personality.

It’s interesting to see how well one would fare at detecting survival solutions when stuck in a time pressed life or death situation, be it things to hang on to or holes to crawl into, I found out that I would have died several times over before I am able to survive in many occasions… oh the luxury of a danger-free life~

As a final word, it’s a really fun game. Too bad is was so short that I could finish it in two days. I’ll replay it as the male character soon, the game is really good.


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