I don’t know what to call this

May 8, 2009

Alright, two days after I finished ZZT3, I finished it the second time today lol, using the guy this time. I could have completed it yesterday (the very next day after I completed it the first time lmao) but I didn’t because I was too busy being lazy and doing nothing, which was also why there was no entry yesterday. The second playthrough was very much easier in theory since I already knew what would happen when and how to overcome them, though putting them to practice wasn’t any much easier than the first time… like that one time when the player has to jump between and run up several flights of semi-destroyed stairs in the middle of an earthquake (which shakes up the whole screen like hell) while the floor behind crumbles; that one is quite challenging how ever many times I try it.

So now I have started my third playthrough and I’m trying to get a different personality using the girl character. So far, I’ve gotten her from being neutral on game start to being cowardly, then into a weirdo, and now she is hot-blooded (like, screaming and jumping into danger and stuff like that). Going through the ‘cowardly’ point of time, I noticed her stress bar fills up extremely quick. Going through one disaster used to only fill up 1/10 of the bar but with the cowardly personality it filled up 50% of the bar instantly lol. I guess personalities also does affect the gameplay instead of solely affecting character interaction and the ending. I was having the calm and composed personality all the way during my first playthrough so that’s probably why it only filled up so little then.

Well, I’ll go through the game one more time before I continue on with the other games… … … …they really should have made this game longer…


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