May 13, 2009

Haven’t made any post for the last two days because there was nothing to write about, again, laziness was also one of the reason but mentioning it would be redundant, but I already did so there’s no helping that, haha.

Here’s another thing I never brought up here when it was relevant, well, more like I can’t remember if I did, anyway: I got my hands on Ninja Gaiden Sigma quite a while back and played little more than a handful of chapters before I got frustrated from the super horrible semi-independent camera that gives you the false illusion of control which would go all over the place at its own accord when the player manoeuvres from place to place, turning the vision away from the most crucial threat at times. Two days ago, I started playing the game again for whatever reasons I had then, probably none. My PS3 has been collecting dust for a while so I guess playing something again would at least have the machine moving for a bit, at least till I get something new in the future.

This picture has totally nothing to do with this post

This picture has totally nothing to do with this post what-so-ever, or does it...

Yet another thing is that I had my Japanese class exam today, which went pretty well despite me rushing towards the end and gambled by handing it in without double checking my answers at all so I’m happy with that. Now it’ll be another bout of prolonged waiting for the next semester as we are short of students, as always. Here’s hoping that I get to start the next semester in two weeks time, it’ll be at least another 3 months if not.

That and I might be getting a part/full-time job soon… just maybe.


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