May 15, 2009

My cousin is staying over at my place today so my PSP is occupied, my PSP always is whenever any one of my cousins are here.

Speaking of occupied PSPs, my other cousin screwed my ZZT3 save file. There goes all the costumes I’ve collected from the 2 game clears >__> ugh, first there’s Dissidia, now there’s ZZT3, I seriously need a way for these to stop! I suppose telling him outright is one way…

As for the activities today, it’s all Ninja Gaiden and Killzone 2. Also, I cleared Killzone 2 today. It really is as short as they say lol. But damn the last battle was tricky. It was a great game while it lasted; it’s very much more enjoyable compared to Killzone on the PS2 haha.


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