Stu-stu-stupid camera angle

May 19, 2009

is making me die several million times over in Ninja Gaiden and contributing to my stress level big time. That and I was on a PSN game trial downloading spree today while I was reading up on the dos and nots of purchasing through PSN since now I have acquired SGD40 on my Singapore account (which did not happen easily, oh no it didn’t). I am now stuck between Wipeout HD, Flowers, Dark Mist and Noby Noby Boy.

Wipeout HD was the original reason why I got the PSN fund in the first place but on second thought, I never cleared any Wipeouts before because it always gets ridiculously difficult halfway through the game so… I don’t know if it’ll be a smart purchase. Flowers look simple, beautiful and intuative while being relatively cheap but the overly naturey feel could get tiring by time… I guess. Dark Mist has is a straight forward arcade-ish save-dataless ‘kill everything in sight’ kind of game along the lines of Metal Slug except not side scrolling, which may either provide infinite replay value or zero replay value – It’s a gamble. At first, I was quite much leaned towards Noby Noby Boy because, well, it looks interesting but… I don’t think I like what I read from the reviews so… err… well, I’ll at least leave it within consideration. Then, it wasn’t within my scope before but after trying the trial today, I might also consider Star Strike HD too as it was crazy fun.

Anyway, I’ll proceed with the purchases only after I get a new harddisk for my PS3… whenever that happens to be.


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