Tabula rasa

May 21, 2009

xp-tanok, instead of going at the same pace with Ninja Gaiden, the momentum dropped down to a crawl where I have only went through half a chapter today as opposed to about 4 of 5 chapters yesterday. This is by no less because I was busy reformatting my computer and doing all the usual necessary things one would need to do after a clean OS installation. I have actually been doing preparations since the last few days. I was backing up my hard disk to an external drive while I was playing Ninja Gaiden yesterday, for example. And why I couldn’t play it while waiting for the Windows installation today some of you may ask, well, if you read how I set up the PS3 and stuff, you’ll know that I need the computer for the audio. …well, not that I don’t have a choice since I do have a certain device that could work as an alternative but unfortunately, I have no idea where I placed that thing so yeah… no computer = no audio on PS3 for now. And anyone who has ever played Ninja Gaiden will know that with such incredible cameras, the only real way of telling what’s ahead across those walls that the camera so insist to stay behind would only be by listening in on the sound that the enemy makes. Strip that and it’ll be like playing DDR on a wheelchair.

Anyway, my computer now is all clean and nice. A task that has been dragging on since mid 2008 is finally dealt with! What achievement!

Oh, and the swine flue thing is cleared now… I think. So I guess I’m not dying anytime soon… hopefully.


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