May 24, 2009

During the time I was making the post that night when I have just reformatted my computer, I noticed that I have no image manipulation program on the computer to resize that XP-tan picture with. So while I was digging through my stacks and stacks of severely disorganized DVDs looking for my Photoshop disk, I came across several games that I had wanted to play really badly a looooong time ago but never could because my hard disk was almost always filled. So I installed them the next day, better do so before my hard disk gets filled up again, lol. They are Kimi ga Yobu, Megido no Oka de and Thirua Panic, and the reason why I did not make an entry for the past few days was because I was playing Tirua Panic all the way till 5am. haha… Damn all these eroges are engrossing once you start them… >__> A little break from the hell that is Ninja Gaiden is nice, yes~ I have made no progress at it at all since the last time. From the gist of it, I think I’m about reaching the end of Thirua Panic pretty soon too. Once I’m done with that then I’ll get back to Ninja Gaiden, then I’ll move on to Megido.

And here’s Shangri-La’s opening. Yay for Range Murata~

And ever since Macross Frontier, I can never unassociate May’n from Sheryl Nome… not even in the opening song here.


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