May 27, 2009

Only thing that stands out about today is that I was out for almost about if not more than half the day and I was driving myself around in a car, twice. I don’t do that very often… or should I say, I would never do that at all usually. I don’t know why but somehow I drove today… by the will of the cosmos perhaps?

And for the rest of the day when I wasn’t out, I was playing Megido. Great stuff.

Also, it is my friend’s birthday today when he told me about it several days ago but it was actually tomorrow from what we heard today, but anyway, we met up a moment ago with several other friends to celebrate it with him… though his birthday wasn’t really today. That was the second time when I drove today. When my friends asked me how I’m going to go home, they were pretty surprised when said I’m driving home. I guess having everyone else fetching me everywhere all the time made them thought I did not have a driver’s license, haha. But then even those who did knew never saw me in the driver’s seat before so I guess their reaction was to be expected.


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