Terminator Salvation

May 28, 2009
Dudun dun dudun

Dudun dun dudun

Went to watch it with my cousin first thing in the morning today. Surprising thing was the place wasn’t packed even thought today was the release day. Maybe it was just too early in a weekday lol.

Ok, back to the movie; what I can say about the 2 hour I was in there is that it’s… bland. Of course, the boom boom bang bangs are aplenty and those are always nice but everything else for a movie titled ‘Terminator’, it could have been better. Not that I’m saying it’s bad but it just turn out to be like those films you’d watch once and forget about really soon after… there was no plot twist (or if there IS a plot, it was so weak that I didn’t notice that it was a plot twist). Not to mention that it was pretty predictable too throughout the film but I suppose that point directly links to the lack of plot twist because the viewers may have seen it coming miles away. But on the better size, there are a whole bunch of new Terminator models introduced in this one movie alone.

All in all, it felt like a 2 hour long Transformers standalone filler episode with all robots chromed.

Alas, those are just my opinion and yours may be better. And I don’t find it to be particularly terrible despite all that I have said, it’s still a fairly entertaining show, too bad that’s all it is. Watch it for some endoskeletal robotics.


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