May 30, 2009

It’s been four days since I started Megido and I’m still not done with it yet! That’s what I like about RPGs, along with their elaborate story and stuff.

Three days ago, I went back to my college to ask for my ‘college confirmation letter‘ aka ‘certification letter‘ aka ‘certification confirmation letter‘ aka ‘letter‘ (every single staff I came across in the office referred to it with a different name. How the hell do they even work like that? >_>). I didn’t mention it that day for reasons that I could not remember, but yeah, I went to do that.

They had me fill in a form and told me that the letter will be ready by the next day and asked me to come by again then… which I did went again the next day, and the letter wasn’t there. They then asked me to come on again the next day. Being too familiar with this pattern, I never returned the next day, but instead I went again the day after that… which was today~ and the letter was ready today so… yeah! I has letterz! It’ll be the substitute for my diploma certificate until the real one is ready around middle of June or something… though not that I absolutely need it anytime soon, just as pre-caution for something ahead.

Nothing much aside from that…


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